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Want to make a difference?

Do you know when people are the least happy in their life?  When they're commuting.  Travelling 8.5 hours per week on AVERAGE in the UK. In effect, we spend Friday travelling.

NearDesk is like an Oyster card for renting desk space and meeting rooms by the hour - we're on a mission to let people work anywhere. A million people working near home one day per week.

We could all commute less - leaving time for things that really matter. We could have communities we live in not just sleep in. We could massively reduce the carbon we use (52% of all O2s Carbon is people getting to their normal place of work each day). And companies could spend less on desks, leaving more money for people.

Be a key part of something special

We need a small core of exceptional people, working closely with a network partners to have a huge impact. We have already set new records for crowd funding on Seedrs.com with over 260 investors. We are based at www.desklodge.com - which we use as a test ground for NearDesk - with a dozen other startups.

You will be joining us early and be key in building a great culture where we enjoy being productive as much as we enjoy making Britain (and then the world...) more productive.

Imagine telling your grandchildren that you helped change the way Britain works and lives...

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